The KreyoMET weather stations are reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments manufactured with more than 25 years of experience. KreyoMET weather stations and the accompanying services have been developed with the following target in mind: How can weather and crop data be most effectively and accurately measured, what is the best way to evaluate the measurement results and how can yields and quality be improved by using this information?
In answer to these questions, the KreyoMET product line included today the hardware as well as straightforward software solutions on an international level. Reliable, reasonably priced equipment provides accurate data which is processed to provide the grower with complete weather and soil information on which he can base informed crop-treatment and irrigation decision, to work more profitably and efficiently in many areas, and to save resources.

The KreyoMET brand instruments are used in the following applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Viticulture
  • Horticulture – vegetables, fruit and green turfs
  • For research
  • By consulting companies

From meteorology to frost-alarms!

KreyoMET systems have an early-recognition and warning function; they help to plan, control, and manage complex meteorologically dependent processes. The instruments monitor meteorological data, the climate in sheds or sties, soil moisture, water levels, etc. They control spray-irrigation systems and provide frost and heat warnings.

Optimised crop protection

KreyoMET weather stations are available with sensors and matching software to forecast plant diseases and changes in their progress. You can choose from a product range that covers all major crops and their diseases. Various sensors are available to help the grower optimize his mechanical crop protection with economic and environmental benefits.

KreyoMET: Gives higher independence and enables a quicker response!

The KreyoMET stations read your field or vineyard data over the various sensors. This data is being transferred by GSM (mobile telephone technology) to the Internet, into your private account in the service platform. The data is stored and processed. Your data will be saved for years long and will not be deleted. You can receive real-time warnings from our systems by SMS on your mobile phone pertaining to weather or crop conditions of your choice. Your customer account on our service website is accessible from any internet using appliance (PC, laptop, table, mobilephone etc.) You can view and control your field data at any time from any place in the world. The management software and monitoring devices of KreyoMET operate safely and reliably. They help you save time and take the right measures faster!

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